HOW-TO STYLE YOUR TWA (Teenie Weenie Afro)

How do you style your hair after the big chop?

Some of you may have really short hair and others may have longer hair depending on how long you transitioned/grew your natural hair out.

The hair do’s that you’ll be able to achieve will depend on the length of your hair.

If your hair is short like mine was, then you have a TWA, Teenie  Weenie Afro.

For others, if your hair is long enough, you may be able to rock mini twists.

I had about 1-2 inches of length and in my opinion, not long enough to twist anything.

So, I rocked Wash’N’Gos, which is the process of washing and conditioning your hair. Then, you’re out the door!

Sounds simple but requires a more time and effort.


When my hair grew a little longer (about a month later), I did mini twists and took them down the next day. This hairstyle is called a Twistout.


I used to pick comb to create a little volume.


Also, believe it or not, the hair do’s will  look different as your hair grows.

A few months later, this is what my Twistout looked like.


Notice the difference?

Right before I hit my first year, I got a tapered cut so that my hair would grow into that shape.

Almost two years in and this is what my Twistout looks like now.


If you are not one adventurous and do not want to be bothered with styling your hair, you can definitely take the protective style route: braids, weave, kinky twists, etc…


Just make sure that your edges are not pulled too tight and do not keep them in FOREVER.

6-8 weeks is sufficient so that you can take your braids out and provide your hair with that regular maintenance, care and also avoid breakage.

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