With relaxed hair, I always had highlights.

It’s one of those things that you do in moderation because the excessive use of coloring can seriously damage your hair strands.

Can you dye your hair?


However, if you are new to the natural hair game, I’d advise that you give your hair time to adjust to its new state.

The big chop is a great step towards embracing your kurls but it is also a severe change.

You’ve got to get to know your natural hair, ALL OVER AGAIN.

I waited about a year before highlighting mine and during that period, I got familiar with my new texture, nourished my strands with weekly deep conditioning treatments, ensuring moisture for proper health and growth.


Let’s be clear on the fact that: beautiful and healthy hair does not happen overnight.

This journey is an INVESTMENT.

When my hair was relaxed, I got highlights ONCE A YEAR and I’ve trying to do the same with my natural hair.

However, if my highlights grew out fast, then I would go in sooner and get a touch up.

What are the effects of coloring?

Personally, one of the effects I noticed was a slight change in the texture of the highlighted sections.

Those strands were more frizzy than the non-highlighted strands, which were more defined with my natural hair pattern.

My non-highlighted strands were also thicker than the others.

I also noticed that my highlighted strands were dry, which equates to lack of moisture.

How did I care for the highlighted strands?

I apply the same routine to all of my hair. PERIOD.

Regular maintenance and care. I cannot emphasize it enough.

Ensuring your hair is moisturized and deep conditioning treatments will help with the upkeep of your strands.


Should you dye your hair?

I’ve seen other Naturalistas do it but I do not recommend it.

I got my highlights done by a professional cosmetologist.

Coloring your hair is applying bleach, a harsh chemical, to your strands, so I strongly advice leaving this up to the experts.


Ever wondered why and how my relaxed hair was always looking on point?

Ms. Rhona Raley (my hairstylist for about 11 years) did all of my color treatments.

Thanks to her expertise + additional care on my end, of course.

Once in while, I still do stop by for hot deep conditioning treatments (if time permits) since I don’t have a hooded dryer at home.

If you want to contact her for coloring needs, Rhona’s House of Beauty is located at:

18200 Georgia Avenue, Suite K, Olney, MD 20832

Her contact number is 443-293-2112.

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