Listen, your natural hair journey will always be a continued learning experience.

Some lessons will come easy and others will come hard.

It took a lot for me to write this post but my goal with this blog is to be transparent, 100% open and honest with all of you.

Now, I’ve always talked about the importance of trimming your ends and how beneficial it is to your strands.

Trimming helps with promoting health, adding volume and bounce as you are getting rid of the weakest part of your crown, split/dead ends.

About 4-5 weeks ago, when I took my single braids down, I realized that I trimmed WAY TOO MUCH of my hair.

What I thought were split ends were just “frizzy colored ends”.


It is definitely shorter since I trimmed most of the colored parts.

I can only be mad at myself and no one else.

But guess what?

I have learned and will NOT be grabbing that pair of scissors ANYTIME SOON!

I am just going to let my hair grow and blossom to health and length.

Don’t be like me and get scissors happy, unless you love short hair then DO YOUR THING.

Care for the colored parts of your hair, which will mostly be your ends.

Keep them moisturized to prevent the look of dry hair.

This is definitely a little setback to my length goal but all hope is not lost.

The good thing about hair is that IT ALWAYS GROWS BACK so there is NOTHING lost here.

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