You’ve made the decision to go natural and embrace your natural curls but you are feeling conflicted and wonder:

“I don’t know how to twist my hair to make it look like yours”

“I just don’t know what to do with my hair now that I’ve big chopped”

“I don’t do well with maintaining and can’t commit to a weekly routine”

“What do I do?”

This is what I want you to do right now:

STOP asking yourself these questions.

The worse thing you can do is want your hair to look like someone else’s.

REALITY CHECK: Your hair will never be like someone else’s due to genetics. So the quicker you embrace your hair’s DNA, the better off you’ll be.

What works for another Naturalista is not guaranteed to work for you so focus on YOU and what works for your hair.

This brings me to this post’s title.


There is no right or wrong way to wear your natural hair.

If being natural for you means rocking twistouts, braidouts, etc…, then DO YOU.

If being natural for you means shaving your hair off and wearing a short cut, DO YOU.

If being natural for you means wearing protective styles (braids, Senegalese twists, kinky twists, wigs, weaves, crochet braids…) all the time, DO YOU.

P.S: Protective styles are great because they help with promoting hair growth.


Being a Naturalista does not mean that you MUST wear your hair out ALL THE TIME.

Some of us are lucky to know how to twist our hair hence making the styling process easier. Others on the other end, do not know how to do so, which can make the journey a little frustrating and challenging.

Don’t kill yourself over trying to make your hair look like the person next to you.

Better yet, why not just wear it in a FRO?


However you decide to rock your hair is perfectly fine.

If you’re rocking protective styles, just remember to take care of your scalp:

Keeping it moisturized and rubbing oil every now and then.

Your hair obviously grows out of your scalp and you need to make sure that it is nourished. Similar to growing a plant or flower, right? You must water it for it to grow and blossom.

Also remember to give your hair a good deep conditioning treatment when you take your protective style down to restore and replenish your hair with the necessary nutrients it needs to flourish.


So go ahead, get your self some “bad ass” braids.



Or, Senegalese twists if that’s what works for you.


Senegalese Twists

Rock that weave or super defined twistout!


Embrace your Natural Hair Journey, your kurls & remember that it’s OK to:



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