20170709_162344_wm-01I purchased this scalp massager for relaxation and a spa-like experience while shampooing my hair on wash days. In addition, the benefits listed on the website caught my attention: blood flow increase to your scalp to promote hair growth, distributing natural oils to boost hair luster, helping with controlling and eliminating dandruff. Sounds good, right? As you know, hair growth is #2 on my list of natural hair goals so I was more intrigued with that benefit. I am going to keep it real with you: don’t rush to purchase this product. I mean it’s OK but there is nothing “WOW” about it. Luckily for me, there was a sale when I purchased it at half price. I am so glad that I did not spend $40 on it.

Think about it: there is a noticeable difference with giving yourself a massage versus going to the spa and having a masseuse do your massage, right? Well, I think the same thing applies to this product. Perhaps, if my hairstylist was using it on me versus me doing it myself, I would feel a little differently about it and the experience?! I’m just keeping it 100 with you. In terms of hair growth, I haven’t really noticed a big difference other than my hair growing at its pace.

However, if you do want to try out the massager, go right ahead. After all, this is just my personal opinion and I’ve seen others raving about it and saying how much they are in love with this tool.

Where To Buy: You can purchase the massager on the Vanity Planet website. There is a limited time offer when you initially visit their website. You should take full advantage of it if you are interested in purchasing this item. Who doesn’t love discounts?!


  1. OlenaRosanne says:

    I have a scalp massager that I received in a Curlbox full of Motions products but it doesn’t have a handle like this one does. Hopefully I can catch a sale because now I really want it! Anyway thanks for sharing. Visit me sometime on 🙂

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