Hello Naturalistas & Aspiring Naturalistas,

My name is Kizi and I decided to create a platform to not only share my natural hair journey but to also inspire, empower and encourage other women to embrace their birth-given kurls.

I’ve been a Naturalista for almost 3 years and I can honestly say that it was THEE BEST decision I’ve ever made. Growing up, I envied my biracial girlfriends because of how gorgeous their curly hair was. At the time (back in Cote d’Ivoire and even in the Western world), the Natural Hair movement was nowhere to be found, GHOST!

At a very young age, my mother relaxed my hair because it was too thick to manage and I would always cry when she would try comb it. So, we had standing appointments at the hair salon every week for hair care.

Due to the consistent hair care I received growing up and in my adult years, I’ve had healthy hair for the most part of my life and no issues, AT ALL.

In 2014, I started looking into the Natural Hair movement and followed tons of Naturalistas on YouTube. I was curious and wondered: How did they maintain their hair? How did they get combs through all of that thick hair? Half way through the year, a colleague (and Naturalista) challenged me to become a Naturalista.

I thought it was IMPOSSIBLE!

I’d never survive.

I settled for transitioning and not getting a relaxer for the remainder of the year. If I was able to manage it, then I would fully transition. If NOT, back to relaxers!

I braided my hair for a few months and rocked Twistouts for the rest of the year.

On January 19, 2015, I had a scheduled appointment for braids. I woke up, went through my wash day routine and was ready to go until I took a look at my strands.

I was starting to notice the difference between my natural and relaxed hair.

The latter, looked so weak.

I went to my kitchen, got my scissors and began chopping, JUST LIKE THAT.

Long story short, I canceled my appointment and became a NATURALISTA that day.

It’s been a great journey so far with lots of learning curves and I want to share the good and bad of embracing your Natural Curls.

Hair tips, product recommendations, hairdo’s, how-tos are what you’ll find on the blog, in hopes of helping you to embrace your crown.

It’s a whole different world that requires commitment, time and dedication but IT’S SO AMAZING!

I hope you find everything that I share helpful and useful to your journey.

“I didn’t go natural. I decided to cherish what I’ve been given”

~ Kizi N’Kodia