iziKurls To The Rescue


Are you transitioning and ready for your Big Chop but don’t know where to start?

Are your strands extremely dry and in need of some tips to get your moisture levels up?

Or simply, what are your natural hair goals?

iziKurls To The Rescue is a 30-minute virtual consultation service to help you with your natural hair woes, wherever you are in the world, literally.

This can be done via Skype, Facebook Video, Skype or WhatsApp. Better yet, you pick the medium that works best for you!


What you’ll will get from this consultation:

1. Live Porosity Test, to determine how well your hair absorbs moisture.

2. Product Recommendations, based on the results of your porosity test.

3. Suggested Hair Care Regimen, a guide providing you with directions on how to use and apply the recommended products.

Should you decide to follow up your consultation with booking the iziKurls Treatment, you will receive a $10.00 discount on that service.

Contact iziKurls to book your consultation and get your hair on the right path to HEALTH and GROWTH!

Note: All payments made via PayPal at PayPal.Me/knkodia.