I have gotten so many great tips from Izikurls. She came to my rescue the day I went to get a major hair cut. She helped me when I had a break down right after I cut my hair. She was able to remind me to love my Kurls no matter the length. Thank you so much.


Izikurls came to the rescue on a good Sunday afternoon when I decided to chop my hair myself…It was thin and I was tired of looking at it lol! I sent a pic to Izikurls with so many questions about maintenance and with the fact that my hair wasn’t chopped properly…Izikurls decided to pay me a visit, just like that! mind you, she lives approximately 35 minutes away from me! She arrived at the house and started working her magic; she properly cut my hair, washed, conditioned, and styled it, while giving me advice…I didn’t even have to beg her to come to the house…she just came!! that’s how awesome and passionate she is!!!! Izikurls came to the rescue again this morning ( I know, i’m always in a dilemma) I braided my hair yesterday and posted a pic of my suffering edges on Snap chat…Izikurls saw the pic and without even hesitating, she started to give me advice on how to maintain my edges with my protective hairstyle…i mean the girl loves her craft lol I am thankful that she’s always available and ready to help in any way she can.”

Agnes A.