We all know how critical deep conditioning is to our natural hair journey (and even for women with relaxed hair), especially the heat aspect of the whole process. It helps with restoring moisture and vital proteins, especially for women with damaged or color treated hair.

I’ve been deep conditioning my hair since the beginning of my journey and as well as when I had relaxed hair. However, there has been one issue throughout my natural hair journey:

Not being able to build enough heat with my multiple layers of plastic caps and silk scarves.

I’ve also tried hiding under the comforter for a few in hopes of building heat.

Can you imagine?

The lack of heat while deep conditioning makes the process worthless. Trust me!

I found out about Thermal Hair Care’s Hot Head Cap when I created the iziKurls’ Instagram page. I’ve been reading and watching reviews both on Instagram and YouTube to make sure that this product was really worth it, especially at the cost of $29.95.

I finally made my purchase a couple of weeks ago, received it within 72 hours and used it for the first time over the weekend.





The package came with a little THANK YOU note from Thermal Hair Care and detailed instructions on how to use the Hot Head Cap and it’s really easy. Make sure you read the instructions before use.


The following items are ALL you need: a microwave, a plastic cap + the deep conditioning product of your choice (I use Shea Moisture’s 10-n-1 Renewal System Hair Masque and Palmers Deep Conditioning Protein Pack).


Thermal Hair Care’s Hot Head Cap has definitely resolved my “lack of heat” issue during my deep conditioning treatments. When I put it on, it really felt close to sitting under a hair dryer at the hair salon.

In my opinion, the cap retained heat for about 20-25 minutes, during which I took a power nap.

It’s very convenient as you can do house chores or even run quick errands while the Hot Head Cap is doing its thing.

Throughout the week, my hair has retained moisture, looks healthy, feels ever so soft and my Twistout still has defined curls.

Left to top-right and bottom-right is this week’s Twistout on Days 1, 4 & 5.

By far, thee best purchase of my natural hair journey!

I’m just going to say these 2 words: GET YOURS!

Where To Buy: On Thermal Hair Care’s website,

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