I have seen reviews and posts, times on end, about this product on Instagram and YouTube. The main fact that I gathered from all of the reviews on this product is that IT IS BOMB and perfect for Wash’N’Gos.

In the mood for a change in my weekly look, I purchased Camille Rose Naturals’ Curl Maker and sure enough, this product is amazing. It made my curls pop and what I love about it is that it literally separated each and every curl. Therefore, I didn’t have to rake my fingers through my hair repeatedly to force my curls to pop or form. It also has a lot of slip, which helps to prevent tangles and knots!

Where To Buy: I purchased this product at my local Target store.


Below is the Wash’N’Go I achieved with this product, in addition to The Mane Choice’s 3-in-1 Revitalize & Refresh Conditioner, Tropic Isle Living’s Jamaican Black Castor Oil and The Mane Choice’s Doesn’t Get Much “Butter” Than This Butter.

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Now, what I noticed on Day 2:

1. I feel like my hair is always damp. I’ve had this product in my hair since Sunday but this morning, my hair felt as if i had just applied the product. I had to use my hair dryer to dry it off a little.

2. There is product residue on my Pik Comb and a little on my hair. In the case that I wanted to switch up my style and rock a twistout in the middle of the week, I’d have to completely rinse out my hair to get rid of the residue and wetness before proceeding with my twists.

I mean the product is great for Wash’N’Gos & my hair obviously looks great!

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