I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and celebrating with family and friends.

I sure did and it unfortunately went by TOO FAST, don’t you think?

Well, it’s that time where we all set and share our goals for the new year and what we aim to accomplish.

I wanted to revisit last hair’s goals (short and long term) and see what was accomplished in hopes of doing better this year.

Let’s start with the short-term goals.

Healthy Hair:

I always put healthy hair as my #1 goal.

Without this, let’s just say that my journey will fail.

How do I maintain healthy hair?

Consistent Routine/Regimen

Low maintenance styles (fave: twistout)

NO heat

2017 ended with me feeling that my hair was very healthy and in a good place.

I could not have achieved this without the help of the products I’ve been using and sticking to my routine.

(Let me know in the comments section if you’d like me to share my current regimen)

Fuller Edges:

This was my second goal for 2017.

My edges were growing back nicely with the help of applying Shea Moisture’s Jamaican Black Castor Oil Smooth Edge Treatment (every night).

However, I got Senegalese Twist done late September 2017 and that did affect my edges a little bit.

Not to fret.

When I took down my protective style, I immediately got back on my nightly routine and I have to say that they are slowly growing back in.

This goal is one that I’ve decided not to stress myself about. As I took a look back at my relaxed hair, I noticed that my edges were never really full back then.

So why kill myself over something that wasn’t before?

All I can do is focus on making sure that they’re healthy and not pulled on too tight whenever I get a protective style.

Achieving a perm rod set:


Can I say CHECK! CHECK! CHECK! on this one.

I took a leap of faith and did a Perm Rod Set on my hair for Valentine’s Day and it turned out amazing.

I used most of the products from the Design Essentials’ Natural Hair Care line to achieve this look.

My hair had lots of sheen & my curls were popping!


On to the long term goals.


This is one of those things that will come in due time.

I did get a little scissor happy last year and found myself trimming my hair very often, which of course, lead to shorter length.

My ends were a little damaged due to my last color job and I kept trimming them off for a better look.

But I’ve learned my lesson and will NEVER bleach my hair again.

Next time, I’ll go for a semi-permanent color, which does not affect your natural hair pattern/curl type contrary to bleaching.

Despite the trimming, my hair did grow a bit with the help of The Mane Choice’s Healthy Hair Growth & Retention Vitamin.

These vitamins are amazing and really do work for me.

Healthy Hair:

We are back again with this one as I feel it falls in both short and long term goals.

One thing that I learned from MoKnowsHair is the importance of steaming for deep conditioning.

One of the benefits of steaming is that it pushes moisture to your hair and scalp, which helps improve the health of your curls.

I searched for a product to help with this and purchased Q-Redew’s Handheld Hair Steamer, which I did not like. Though it blew steam onto my hair, it was not contained in a closed hooded fashion, if that makes sense.

With further research, I came across Thermal Hair Care’s Hot Head Cap, probably the best purchase of my natural hair journey, which has also definitely contributed to the current health of my natural hair.


Maintaining a consistent routine and most importantly, abstaining from using heat will help with achieving healthy hair.


With that said, I am starting this new year with somewhat the same goals as far as continuing to maintain health and hoping for more growth.

Here are a couple that I’d like to add to the list.

Re-shaping My Mane:

Last year, I shared a little setback that affected the length of my hair and which also messed up my tapered shape.

This year, I am hoping to get it shaped again in a somewhat tapered look. The only thing holding me back is the fear that this cut will affect the length of my hair, hence hindering my length goals.

I’m thinking of letting my hair grow out a little more and then get it re-shaped so that it’s not to short?

We’ll see.

Stay tuned on this one.

New Hair Do’s:

Let me start by saying that the reason why I am very hesitant with trying new hair do’s is because I don’t have time to play in my hair during the week in addition to the fear of not liking how the hairstyle turns out on me.

That is really why I have been sticking to my twistouts, which last me ALL WEEK.

But I will try and make an effort to try a couple of things this year.


There you have it with my goals for 2018.


Twistout on NYE ’17

What are your natural hair goals for this new year?

Share below.


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