I’ve been rocking Wash’N’Gos for the past 4-6 weeks and I am lovin’ it!

When I first heard of this style, I literally thought the setting process was just EASY: “washing” and “going”.

But realistically and honestly, this style takes a little more than that when it comes to setting it, about a little over an hour (for me) or depending on how much hair you have.

What I love about this style is that it accentuates the definition and curl pattern of your hair.

You’re able to see the variety of patterns throughout your mane: TIGHT, LOOSE, WAVY and even STRAIGHT.


For example, I know that the back of my hair has super tight curls.

As I move to the center and crown of my hair, my curls are a bit looser and that’s probably due to the fact that parts of my hair in that area are highlighted.

Yes, highlighting/coloring did affect my curl pattern.

I like to take my time when I am setting my Wash’N’Go to ensure that it’s poppin’.

I don’t rush through the process and I wouldn’t advise you to do so either.

I recently used Camille Rose Naturals Curl Maker (click to read my product review) to set this style and it was amazing. Not only did I get great definition but my hair was left feeling soft, looking full with NO FRIZZ.

However, I just could not deal with the flaking on my clothes.

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Then, I discovered Mielle Organics Honey and Ginger Styling Gel (click to read my product review).


OMG, AMAZING! You must also purchase their Babassu Oil Mint Deep Conditioner!

This gel also gives me great curl definition and a lasting Wash ‘N’ Go with NO FRIZZ.

I could actually push it to a little over a week, NO JOKE!

I’ll show you.

Come on and go through this week with me.

Let’s start with Day 1, where I wore it down.

Oh, let me share this tip:

When setting your Wash ‘N’ Go, especially if you’re using a gel-based product, set your look the way you would want to wear it down. If you want a part, trace it and set the product on your hair in the way you would want it to lay.

I hope this makes sense.


Wash ‘N’ Go ~ Day 1

On the night of Day 1, I did the Banding Method (click to view a short clip of what this method looks like) to stretch out my hair a little.


Wash ‘N’ Go ~ Day 2

You can notice that my hair is more stretched and still had a little bit of crunch from the gel but I am not complaining because my hair looked great!

Let’s move on to Day 3.


Wash ‘N’ Go ~ Day 3

I wore it up in a puff, which is also one of my favorite looks!


Wash ‘N’ Go ~ Day 5

Still looking great, even on day 5, right?

If you are looking for a low manipulation style this summer, Wash ‘N’ Gos are definitely a great option in my opinion.

The only maintenance I do on week nights and in the A.M. is:

  1. I apply Shea Moisture’s Strengthen, Grow and Restore Smooth Edge Treatment and a little bit of water on my edges. I slick them down with a lot of Eco Styler Gel every morning so I restore moisture with water and strengthen them with the treatment.
  2. In the morning, I apply a nickel-size amount of The Mane Choice’s Ancient Egyptian Anti-Breakage & Repair Antidote Oil throughout my curls for shine.

I hope you found this post helpful and are inspired to try a Wash ‘N’ Go on your mane.

Trust me, you won’t regret it.

For a detailed tutorial on how I set my Wash ‘N’ Go, click HERE.

And of course, I am only a click away if you need any assistance.



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